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How to Monetize a Blog



How to Monetize a Blog Blogger may be a free blogging platform with enormous revenue possibilities. If it satisfies specific criteria, you can link your Blogger website to AdSense. You won't need to invest any money to monetize Blogger.

After creating your Blogger account, you'll build a website with a free subdomain that looks somewhat like this blog. Even though you lack access to the root domain, you may still use AdSense to monetise your free Blogspot subdomain. In 2003, Google acquired Blogger. Due to this transaction, Blogger now has access to AdSense. Since setting up an account with Blogger and AdSense is free, you might possibly start earning money right away.

It is well known that AdSense slows down page loading times. You might require a strong hosting provider because loading the advertising put additional burden on the system. But since Google hosts Blogger, you won't need to worry about your blog's capacity to deliver information. Since it requires little upkeep, it's actually Very dependable.

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How Can I Make Money From My Blogspot Domain Using AdSense?

If you've been using Blogger for a while and use a free blogspot subdomain, you'll want to check your settings to see if your blog is AdSense-eligible. Please keep in mind that this is the only way to monetize a blogspot subdomain.

AdSense will not allow you to add your blog using a blogspot subdomain. Instead, you should follow the guidelines for requesting AdSense approval:

1. Create a Blogger account.

2. Navigate to the Earnings tab, which is located beneath the Comments and above the Pages tabs.

3. If your website is eligible, you'll see a "Sign Up for AdSense" button.

4. Press the sign in button.

5. Select the Association option.

6. If you do not already have an AdSense account, you must create one.

7. Complete the registration process, confirm that you have provided accurate information, and read the Terms and Conditions.

8. Paste the AdSense code into your theme's code.

9. Allow up to two weeks for AdSense to review your website.

10. If you are rejected, correct the problem and reapply.How to Be Eligible for AdSense.



How to Monetize a Blog

How do I become eligible for AdSense?

It is possible that your Blogger website will not always be eligible. Examine your blog carefully to see if it fits AdSense's eligibility conditions. If your material isn't unique or violates AdSense policies, it's highly probable that your website won't qualify. You may even be required to adhere to Blogger's content policy and affirm that your site's pages are AdSense-ready (extremely crucial!).

Before you can become a substitute user, you must first fill your website with high-quality writings. If your writings are already publicly available on the internet, your free blogspot subdomain website may not be ready to qualify for AdSense. You want to be unique and have new ideas! you'll employ 

Use Google Question Hub to improve the quality of your blog's content.

You might also need to index your Blogger site. It is critical to ensure that your blog appears frequently in Google search results. Please see the following article for additional details on how to index your website using a blogspot subdomain: a method to index Blogger posts using the Google Search Console Tool - Basic search engine optimisation.

There are times when your website meets all of the standards yet is nonetheless ineligible. This is most likely due to the website's age. In 2017, AdSense specified that your website must be moved for at least six months in order to be eligible. However, based on the quality of your blog, it should not take that long. one of my In one month, the blog was qualified.

Unfortunately, Google does not give us clear and extensive information on the eligibility of our websites. All we can do is create enough valuable content and hope that it will become eligible at some point. There is no specific number of posts or views required to be qualified.

One of my blogs, for example, qualified for AdSense despite having only four entries. I also have a test blog that I started around a year ago. It had three posts, but it is now AdSense-qualified.

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I've noticed a regular instance when a blog has over 20 posts but is still unqualified due to quality issues. While number remains a factor in qualifying, AdSense appears to prioritise quality.

It's difficult to predict when your Blogger website will be qualified. However, it is reasonable to say that if we follow the requirements and ensure that our websites are full, we will eventually be qualified for AdSense.

Eligibility does not imply acceptance.

When your free blogspot domain becomes eligible, you will be able to request AdSense approval. Once approved, it will be able to serve advertisements. The AdSense team will examine your Blogger website to determine whether it is ready to display advertising. It could take up to two weeks for AdSense to respond. Obtaining AdSense approval may be difficult.



How to Monetize a Blog



For a variety of reasons, AdSense may reject your Blogger website. Once you've resolved the issue, you'll be able to resubmit your website for approval. You will be turned down multiple times. There is no limit to how many times you can apply. So, once your website is eligible, it is simply a matter of time before it gets approved.

AdSense has also rejected your Blogger blog owing to a policy infringement. There are numerous types of policy violations. "Valuable Content: Inventory Under Construction" is one of them. You may also need to pay attention to the language of your article. AdSense only works with websites that deliver content in specific languages.

After your blog has been accepted and inspected, you will start placing AdSense code on all of your pages.You can try it out with the AdSense widget or auto advertising. You'll even be able to manually insert advertising into your articles by using HTML mode.